Industrial Axial Fan

T30C High Quality Axial Fan for duct

T30C Model Highlights:


  • T30C series are featured by low noise, large air volume, electricity saving, rational structure and etc, belt motor can help cutomers to repair esily.
  •  The series consist of common type and open type, which are used for ventilation and pipeline compression in industrial pipeline. 
  •  Supply and exhaust high temperature gas and gases no with oil, water and dust.
  • The gassed should be non-flammable, non-corrosive with the temperature no higher than 50℃.


Explosion Proof Axial Flow Fan | Single Phase Axial Fan


T30C Model Features:

: Fan Structure 

: The electric motor is assembled in the upper part of the fan barrel with an adjustable motor support seat plate and driven by a belt, thus isolating the various gases conveyed by the fan from the motor and ensuring the service life of the motor. The fan barrel adopts outer groove spherical universal bearing seat, with small volume, good sealing performance and other characteristics, smooth airflow, low noise.


: Fan Structure Details

: The T30 fan is mainly composed of three parts: impeller, case and air collector, etc. The support is made of steel and is connected to the fan barrel. The impeller section consists of the blades and the hub, both made of thin steel plates, which are welded to the hub according to the selected mounting angles.
: The casing section consists of the fan barrel and the bracket, both made of thin steel plates, and the fan barrel is round with a certain clearance between the impeller.
: The air collector section consists of the air collector flange and the air collector. The air collector is of circular arc type, which reduces the loss of airflow inlet and is made of thin steel plates.


: Uasge

: This series of fans is mainly used for high temperature gas pumping or exhausting, and other gases containing oil, water and dust. The gas to be transported is non-flammable and explosive, has no obvious corrosion and the ambient temperature is not higher than 80°C. It can also be used as a general industrial pipeline in series for pressurised air supply and exhaust. Moreover, This series of fans is divided into two types: the normal type and the open type of the casing. The open type is used in case the fan has a connected duct to facilitate the cleaning of adhesive material from the blades inside the machine.

Model No. Vol/Freq (V/Hz) Power (KW) Rotation (r/min) Air Volume (m3/h) Total Pressure
3C  380/50 0.37 1400 1750 30
3.5C  380/50 0.55 1400 2500 40
4C  380/50 0.75 1600 4148 90
0.55 1400 3500 79
5C  380/50 1.5 1600 8460 128
1.1 1450 7667 100
2.2 1800 9517 162
6C  380/50 1.5 1200 11590 123
2.2 1450 14000 179
3 1600 15448 217
7C 380/50 3 1450 19000 226
8C 380/50 4 1450 24500 221
9C 380/50 5.5 1450 31421 215
10C 380/50 4 960 27755 134
12C 380/50 7.5 960 44731 260

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